Timed marketing: The secret to brand success

Time in marketing is considered an important factor determining the success or failure of a campaign. In order for the efforts to be valuable, brands need to answer the following questions: When will marketing campaigns begin to work? Which season of the year is the most popular product? Or any unexpected events can "rely" to optimize brand strategy?

The following article is synthesized and analyzed by Adtima to help readers better understand the concept of Marketing from time to time, and share three important factors to consider before each brand's marketing campaign.

What is timing marketing?
Timing marketing is a marketing plan developed based on time factor. The marketer's task is to arrange a reasonable time according to the needs of each season or attach it to an event that is getting noticed in a certain period of time.

Essentials for a timely marketing campaign
For an effective marketing campaign, here are three important factors to keep in mind:

Time Marketing
Time Marketing is the study of when a product can be released to the market. Depending on the product and industry, factors that must be considered include: product lifecycle, release date, past similar products and the cause of the product's failure. Through Time Marketing research, businesses can give appropriate instructions to position products on the market.

However, do not forget to attach it to ...

Seasonal Marketing
Put simply, this is the seasonal marketing festival: Turkey sells a lot in November (Thanksgiving), Sweets for December (Christmas), Fireworks consume more in the first months of the year (Tet) .. Each season of the year (spring, summer, autumn, winter) opens up opportunities for consumption for certain products.

One of the successful brands associated with the festival season is Coca Cola. In the middle of the "forest" of the media campaign launched every Tet, Coca Cola is still a familiar name with unmistakable characteristics. In 2017, this beverage brand made its own impression with the communication campaign with Zalo - Vietnam's number 1 messaging app, bringing a whole new message: Tet is the journey to welcome a start. new.

First, Coca Cola started with a mobile-first experience of 360 degree wishes - "New Beginning 360 Degree Wishes" with 10 New Year themes on Zalo. With these innovations, Coca Cola encourages teenagers to share and send meaningful wishes to their friends, relatives or lovers with unique messages like never before. In addition to the message of New Year, users will receive lucky money when participating in sharing wishes on social networks or outdoor LED screens - OOH is located in major cities across the country such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Danang and Nha Trang.

Seasonal Marketing also starts from the big holidays of the year. Marketers can fully proactively plan ahead when determining which holidays target audience groups are most interested in. That can be 8/3 for women, 1/4 for young people like to joke or 14/2 for couples in love ...

In Vietnam, a successful brand in attaching itself to a special holiday of the year must mention Mirinda with the marketing campaign "April Fools, it's really funny" that took place on April 1, 2017 in collaboration with applicants. No.1 messaging app in Vietnam - Zalo. The music video for "April Fools, it's a joke" by singer Phan Manh Quynh received the attention of the majority of teenagers because it portrayed the feelings of growing up.

Zalo is a key channel to increase interactivity at the "critical" moment on April 1. With a large number of users, Zalo is the perfect choice to target the right target of Mirinda. At the same time, the extremely special feature "Zalo Moment" only appeared on April 1. With this feature, users can freely "hold the saw", confess and confide their feelings. All "really joking" confessions will only exist for 24 hours, by April 1, the system will delete all this content.

In addition to the important festivals of the year, in order to increase reliability, brands need to identify their products or services appropriate to the season of the year. It should not be confused that what the brand is offering will be able to sell all year round, unless it is essential consumer goods such as toothpaste, cigarettes or snacks. Even though women's clothing is the most popular product, businesses need to plan to follow the seasons so that customers always feel the value and the choice to buy their products.

For example, no one orders cotton shirts in the summer but they are willing to spend money on bikinis. Why is that? Because it is the season of travel, relaxation, trips and the sea is a priority choice.

In addition, brands can also increase the benefits of providing additional services in off-season. This is especially true for the hospitality brand. In order to attract and retain customers, in addition to providing regular rooms, they will integrate with other services such as cultural discovery tours for tourists, shuttle service to locations. Favorite local tourist or self-drive car hire now if needed.

Combining these two factors, brands will surely create good strategies. However, for a marketing campaign to be more perfect and complete, the brand also needs to consider the following third factor.

Event marketing
Marketing campaigns based on this event are sometimes unannounced, but the results often exceed expectations. In an event that attracts customers and the media, the brand can launch a promotion, promotion or simply sponsor the event. It could be big sporting events, the singer's music product is hot or a trend in a specific target group ...

In early 2018, the unexpected victory for the Asian runner-up of Vietnam U23 team has received great attention from the people of the country.

U23 fever spread strongly because it also started from patriotism and national pride. Agile before the time and seeing the enormous potential from developing U23-related content on its platform, Adtima quickly developed and proposed effective solution packages to Clear Men, helping brand solving problems named U23 Vietnam.

Market is the battlefield and marketing is military art. Understanding this principle is essential, the brand can build a plan based on past successes and identify potential "new breeze" in the future. Sometimes, a long vacation or a seasonal weather event also shows surprising business opportunities. So make the most of existing resources, mark important calendars (both businesses and customers), track them and connect with consumers in innovative ways that no one has can do.

Not stopping at unexpected events, brands / brands can carry out marketing campaigns based on predictable events such as: Iphone launch event, Back to school, Snatching gifts in the 7th lunar month ... These are all considered special occasions by the influence of a big brand (Apple) or the familiar occasion of the year (Back-to-School Month).

For example, with the launch of the Iphone, electronics brands and e-commerce sites can develop content around the event through various forms of communication such as talent. PR support, event livestream ... to attract target customers.

From the aforementioned analysis, surely marketers have been able to "pocket" their own marketing ideas at their own time. There are thousands of brand events and creative ways marketers can "rely on" and develop effective marketing strategies.

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