Mobile and sports: Perfect duo in marketing campaigns

The big sports event is an opportunity for mobile marketing campaigns to flourish. In order to help marketers better understand the impact of mobile applications, the series "MARKETING ON MOBILE APPLICATIONS" compiled by Adtima from Annie App will provide an overview of this trend.

In the first part of the series, the following article shows the level of "compatibility" of Mobile Phones and Sports - the basis of the 2018 sports marketing trend.

Impressive numbers at major tournaments

Every year, top sports events such as the Winter Olympics, Super Bowl, World Cup create new records of viewership on digital media. The number of viewers watching the Super Bowl 2018 on television increased by 45% from 2017 to 2018, the highest ever to prove this conclusion. As many as 11.6 million fans watched the 2018 Winter Olympics directly compared to 4.3 million in 2014, an increase of 169%.

Mobile streaming quickly raises the charts of the most popular vehicles to follow sports events. According to a Google sports report, 30% of fans follow the sporting event on mobile because of the flexibility it offers. During the opening weeks of the Winter Olympics and Super Bowl 2018, Americans spent more than half a million hours on the NBC Sports app on Android phones, 4 times the average monthly average of the previous month. This is an indication that the majority of users choose mobile to track their favorite content. Similarly in France, Francetv Sports (sports news app of France Télévisions) has an average of 6 times daily downloads from iOS and Google Play in just 2 days after the opening ceremony compared to 1 month ago. This proves that users prefer to use mobile to keep track of major sporting events. This trend is expected to continue in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Mobile - 2nd screen for a series of sideline activities

Today, mobile is not only popular with sports events. A recent report shows that users are spending more money on subscriptions to in-app services for entertainment applications - listening to music and watching videos - specifically increasing 330% from 2015 to 2017 (according to Annie App). The above data also implies that customers are gradually choosing to sign up for cross-device streaming subscriptions on mobile phones - products that always accompany them and provide a better user experience. In Australia, the AFL Live Official App ranked 4 of the highest-grossing "Games" apps on Google Play during the first 8 weeks of Australian Football League's 2018 season. AFL fans are also turning to pay for service and pay online on your mobile to watch your favorite matches.

In addition, most sports fans who want to maximize their experience when watching matches and mobile phones naturally become the most useful means for them. During the match, 80% of users admitted to using tablets and smartphones to search statistics about players, athletes or review the main events of the match. Mobile phones are now known as the "second screen" for the audience to watch the game more fully. This means that, when fans watch the matches together in groups of friends or colleagues, the marketer has the opportunity to reach the target customers through advertising on mobile applications more. In Vietnam, people today tend to gather and watch football together. Along with that, there are side activities such as commenting and sharing information about the match. Next, 40% of users choose that they will exchange, chat with their friends. 2 out of 5 users will be interested in games related to the game (according to Adtima Audience Insight). Understanding these changes, Romano teamed up with to organize the mini game "Predicting the World Cup of 2018". Encourage players to share with friends predicting the team they think will win before each match, from the group stage to the final.

The marketing activities taking place throughout the matches are always highly effective. In marketing and advertising, the implicit fact is that sporting events are a rare opportunity to reach new customers, recall, encourage old customers to return to the product because viewers can Extremely high concentration during this time. Mobile advertising continues to enhance this opportunity thanks to the combination of location data and application usage that marketers can take advantage of in customer positioning - a process that Headway defines. is "Audience Planning". More specifically, a beverage brand can target fans watching live matches at 10am with an ad or coupon applied to a special coffee.

Most of the advertising campaigns took place quite actively during the World Cup. These figures once again show unique advertising opportunities on mobile apps and marketing campaigns throughout this popular world event.

In the next part of the Adtima team series, we will introduce the opportunities that major sporting events, especially those that major tournaments like the World Cup can bring to brands and businesses. Let's wait for it!

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