There are 9 things cats love to lick that are bizarre

Let’s face it: Cats can be weird sometimes. Weird, like, really weird. Here are some of the strange things they enjoy licking. There must be something in the catnip…

No matter if you’ve always had a cat in your family or you just got a frisky feline, you’ve probably noticed that they can be a little strange sometimes. There are certain behaviors that might cause you to question your cat’s sanity, including running at full speed or throwing toys up in the air. They’re full of love and usually up for having fun, but there are others that might cause you to question their sanity. The behavior of licking is one of them.

Cats lick themselves to keep clean, so you know that it’s normal for them to do so. When you have more than one cat, you might find them grooming each other by licking each other, especially if they’ve bonded. It’s a different story if your cat begins licking objects around the house that aren’t considered food.

What Makes Cats Lick Things They Shouldn’t?

There are many reasons why cats lick themselves, according to experts. They may also lick themselves if they are itching or feeling uncomfortable in a certain area of their bodies, in addition to grooming themselves. Additionally, cats might lick themselves if they’re feeling stressed and want to calm themselves down. It may be possible to figure out why your cats lick themselves if you see them doing it.

Is there anything wrong with cats licking objects in their surroundings? Does that seem normal to you? Depending on what you mean. Identify the cause of your cat’s behavior by first trying to understand it. It may just be your cat remembering what it was like to nurse from her mother when she licked her favorite pet bed or blanket as a kitten. As a result, your cat may find this calming.

Plastic and other items might entice your kitty to lick them if they are appealing to your cat. It might be the smell, the texture, or even the taste of an object.

Keeping your cat away from items such as plastic bags and fabrics is important if she is attracted to these items. Therefore, if you think your cat’s licking habits might be putting her in danger, you should take action before anything bad happens.

Are there any causes for concern?

It might make you wonder if you should be concerned if your cat starts licking things that aren’t edible. You should be cautious about what your cat is licking because it might be toxic or it might be ingested and cause health problems, such as obstructions in the digestive system that require veterinary attention.

A cat who licks compulsively or eats things it shouldn’t might be suffering from a condition such as pica, which your veterinarian should take care of. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek help if your cat is constantly chasing non-food items around the house.

Cats have licked some odd things, here are some examples

Below is a list of some of the many instances in which cats have been seen licking things that surprised their owners. See how these adorable furbabies behave in their odd yet endearing ways as you scroll through.

1. Blinds for windows

It’s hard to say what window blind strings taste like, but judging by this cat, maybe tuna?

2. Deliciously shocking

Do you really think this is such a great idea?

3. Fresh breath with a minty taste

He needs to impress the ladies with his pearly whites when he goes out on the town. Despite this, cats shouldn’t lick human toothpaste.

4. There’s nothing better than plastic

The cat is free to come out of the bag whenever it wishes… but in the meantime, it’s having a blast just licking it from the inside.

5. This is fur-tastic

It’s the sweetest thing to watch them do this every day, according to the Redditor. It might seem strange at first, but these two seem to really love each other (besides, isn’t that how all relationships begin?)

6. There’s something cool about condensation

Water from the window is just as good as a water bowl, so why bother with one?

7.There’s nothing good about you!

Red Hot Chili Peppers once sang: “Suck my kiss! ”8. What do you mean, ummm?

A cat dressed as a monkey licks a banana while dressed as a monkey.

9. Your cat deserves a lick!

Last but not least, you can lick your cat too, so don’t let him have all the fun! A cat-related product that can only be described as one of the weirdest ever: the Licki brush. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and there are no hairballs to worry about!

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