Marketing from sporting events like?

To win the "championship cup" during the sports season, the brand can follow the analysis below to market to users on mobile platforms optimally.

Mobile is a sports fuse

The level of Internet penetration has increased since 2014, 42.3% to 54.5%. This is considered a contributing factor to the explosion of mobile globally. Today, 73% of mobile users access the Internet and this number continues to be expected to grow more positively than in 2014, a period when up to 70% of users updated sports news. via desktop or laptop. According to Annie App, the usage time of Android applications in 2017 was up to 1.2 million hours, up 60% compared to 2015. Users increasingly spend time on mobile, the application alone took about 3 hours. / day as of 2017.

At major events like FIFA, this number continues to soar. In 2014, FIFA's application reached 18 million downloads, reaching 280 million through World Cup-related content - accounting for 9.6% of total online users the same year. Not stopping there, the mobile application is also used to track match information, set transportation to the stadium and a place for fans to discuss.

What will sports fans do on mobile?

Watching online videos is considered a phenomenal growth trend throughout the sporting event. At the NCAA March Madness, most games are watched online via mobile. NCAA March Madness has the highest capacity increase rate in total hours and reaches 105% in the last two years. Not just basketball, this trend is also shown in other popular sports like football or tennis. Now, Marketers should be well-prepared as more and more fans live on mobile matches around the world.

In Vietnam, the trend of livestream is becoming more and more popular by the convenience and simplicity. Through mobile, fans can easily update match information anywhere. According to the report of the Sports Story (Adtima Audience Insight), 91% of the respondents choose to watch football news live on the Internet and is in the top 3 news sites that are popular with sports fans. Update the information most directly.

What should brands do before mobile and sports?

Each sport will have its own characteristics and characteristics, such as football, a relatively short half-time break, mobile communication with quick access to nearly 4 billion people will be more suitable. Traditional TVC. Moreover, most smartphone users are using social networking applications and messaging, brands will easily be forgotten if they do not take advantage of these channels. In Vietnam market, up to 80% of smartphone users install Zalo, currently has more than 100 million accounts (as of May 21, 2018), obviously this is one of the platforms that helps brands. Viet easily reaches target customers.

Brand communication through mobile applications is especially suitable for small and medium brands. No need for huge budgets, video advertising "second screen" allows businesses to show the spirit of the tournament and capture user thinking better. These videos are played on mobile platforms with sports related content. This will not only save the budget for the brand if they have to use traditional channels such as TV or OOH, but also help reach users more accurately thanks to the data tracking system of compatible platforms. application. In addition, having ads appear corresponding to the content that meets the needs of users both creates a positive connection and enriches the user experience in a digital environment.

Campaigns to promote the national team are one of the creative ways to raise brand awareness and become a natural conversation for users. Noblex, a media company in Argentina, launched a promotion in support of the Argentina team. If the team is not eligible for the World Cup finals, the company will refund the entire purchase of 4K LED TV to the first 550 customers, of course, the product is quickly out of stock.

When the qualifier took place, Argentina encountered obstacles and could not seem to continue, which means Noblex will lose a large amount of money. Shortly thereafter, all the discussions poured into Noblex's campaign leader. Fortunately, the national team made it through the final match and went straight to Russia. Fans shared their joy on Noblex's Twitter, they left comments to congratulate, to praise the home team and ironically Chile, who received defeat in the match.

After all, the creator of the campaign was praised for his ingenious marketing method, which has brought positive and continuous results from online to offline - a spectacular victory for Noblex. However, brands that want to carry out such "brain-balancing" campaigns will need a "cold head" to dare to take risks.

Master the moments

Sports moments with the excellent performance of famous players on the pitch such as Messi, C. Ronaldo, Neymar ... are always an interesting discussion. World Cup 2018 has created heroes and dramatic stories that are competitive. Who could forget the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo caused the world to mention his name with a superb free kick against Spain or Senegal players dancing happily together during a training session? Or the shocking event for Vietnamese football fans in early 2018, the image of U23 Vietnam in the snow of Changzhou when teammates rake the snow for Quang Hai to score a penalty. These moments have been captured by sensible brands and they took immediate action to instantly create interesting conversations with their target customers.

If your business is related to games, gadgets or e-commerce, you have a great opportunity to attract users by focusing advertising messages on important moments of a sporting event, which This can promote conversations and usage habits, maintaining loyalty to be continued later.

Important sporting events at home and abroad are cultural moments - festivals are expected by many people. For marketers to attract a large number of users this sports season, being sensitive and closely linked to each moment will be the key to opening up greater success.

Learn more about the clear view of marketing on mobile applications and methods to optimize advertising efficiency, please contact Adtima for the best advice.

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