Interactive to create trust - The optimal solution to conquer the pregnant mother

In the FMCG industry in general and the dairy industry in particular, the group of women who are about to become pregnant is a potential customer group but it is very difficult to access. The potential is due to the increasing demand for quality and reputable products to care for the health of mothers and babies, which are difficult to access because of the psychological-physiological sensitization during pregnancy, as well as the Strict regulations on advertising content in this period. Therefore, one of the most effective solutions for brands for this customer base is to build trust to accompany them. Instead of campaigns to increase sales or purchase promotions, brands will take care of consumers with useful, practical information attached to their needs and wants before - during - after pregnancy.

One of the prerequisites is the chosen communication platform, as it partly helps users assess the reputation of the brand and the quality of the information. When you need to update, users go to news sites, but when you need to find important information, such as health, child care, food, people will remember the official and prestigious newspapers like or VNExpress (Two online newspapers with the highest readership today according to Comscore). The article is seriously invested from quality content to images will make users feel secure to read, trust to apply for daily life.

The demand for health information is getting bigger today, when the negative news about food is so thick in the newspaper. Women, the main caregivers of family health, are always seeking answers: safe food, reputable brands, quality diapers, preventing diseases for babies ... Therefore, it will be a plus point. If the brand captures and answers these questions quickly, like a friend or companion.

This is the reason that more and more brands create a community on Zalo OA, in addition to sending information from brands, users can also be proactive in being consulted and accurate. and effective 24/7. "First time being a mother", "Mothers' assistant" or "Good housewives" are OAs with a great number of people who care and interact.

Immediately after entering your query with the necessary keywords, the answer is sent back by the system immediately. This operation is faster, more accurate and more reliable than you groping in countless results from many unreliable sources. Especially for the parent group, online time and limited phone use, this feature of Zalo OA is a great savior. A typical example, in Friso's "Because we care" campaign, after "Concern" OA and enter the necessary pregnancy information, mothers will be closely monitored by the health system, body changes and helpful tips for each pregnancy period from reputable professionals.

This CRM model can be said to be win-win, when customers are satisfied with quick and accurate feedback, brands are better at taking care of, and getting information on, what users are interested in or Inquiries, can be compiled into useful data for marketing strategies.

Besides the need for information, entertainment for mothers and babies is also a matter of concern. Music is the most popular form, suitable for all stages of pregnancy as well as the age of children. On popular music platforms like Zing Mp3, there are a lot of custom designed playlists, not only for each group of subjects but also for the purpose of use: music for relaxing mothers, music for developing intelligence for baby, lullaby to sleep, music for babies to practice counting, English music for children in grade 1 ...

Similarly, on Zing TV there are many useful categories, not only in entertainment but also highly educational like tabs on Discovery, Science, Common Knowledge or Parenting. Mother and baby, or even the whole family can learn, play and be rewarded and interested in family gatherings every day.

Brands can also use audio ads to reach potential customers more easily and effectively using these online audio-visual sites. Taking advantage of the position between the songs or the beginning of the videos, the audio ads have a low abandonment rate, are highly inspirational, 24% easier to remember than the displayed ad and increase the attention. purchase decisions (according to Nielsen Media Lab 2017 Research).

These are channels that can help brands take advantage of the message to users gently, effectively in most life activities. Happy sounds, easy-going lyrics like "100% pure 100% fresh milk", "Dancing with Zinzin" or jingle "Nutifood" will be part of the memory of the mother and baby, also the success of branding for the brand. Accompanying users daily, hourly, in every small activity is a form of extremely active and natural approach - a new trend in marketing has been paying attention in recent years.

In general, the story of conquering the fastidious group called "pregnant mother" is a fairly long process, but many brands are still struggling to find solutions. The article hopes to bring another methodological suggestion, which will not only help to approach effectively but also take better care of this group of customers.

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