Native-first Marketing era: When ads are no longer "thrown" ads

As consumers become more alert when receiving information on the Internet, direct advertising will create a thick wall between brands and customers. In this context, the natural marketing solution (Native Marketing) should be the top priority in advertising industry.

Adtima Insider 2018 took place on 12.10 to share important implicit truths about user behavior, and propose effective solutions for brands with the goal of reducing the behavior of "ignoring" ads of the target customers.

How to effectively apply Native Marketing trends to your brand? Customer concerns? How to produce content? How to distribute effectively? What is the success formula for your product?

I. Ignore. Depressed. Block. What to do so customers no longer hold aversion to ads "

Consumers increasingly "afraid" of advertising. Many people are often annoyed when waiting for the promotional video to run for 5-10 seconds and ready to press the "Skip" button; while others will ignore the "commercially available" articles in the newspaper. The trend in the world is that more people are willing to spend money to filter ads from the beginning, or to use software and tools to block ads on the web browser.

Creating natural advertising content, closely tied to the context of user experience, is a solution that makes users "readable" ads more. A recent study by Sharethrough and Media Lab IPG shows that consumers who visualize with Native Advertising are 52% more frequent than traditional banners, Native Ads' CTR is twice as high as other ad formats, can reach 1-2%.

Effective Native Ad needs to start with customer insight. If you are looking for ways to advertise Audio, you need to know how much time consumers spend on listening to music every day, on which channels are online or offline, what type of content is easy to receive? If you want to focus on content solutions in the newspaper, you also need to understand what kind of content is received, how to avoid all unnecessary scandals. This information was presented during the Adtima Insider with the presentation of representatives of Kantar Vietnam market research company.

II. Formulated for effective Native Marketing

Unrequited love of a person can not create a love affair, as well as a one-sided effort of the brand is not sure to connect "predestined relationship" with potential customers.

After knowing insights, consumer preferences, what do the marketer team need to prepare to have an effective and valuable natural advertising campaign? Knowing where your "dreamer" often appears, how should marketers increase the coverage and accessibility of their target audience?

The answer lies in two main solutions that will be focused on discussion in Adtima's "Native-first Marketing era - When advertising is no longer an advertisement" event will be Audio Ad (audio advertising) and Content Marketing ( content marketing). With the participation of speakers from leading brands, agencies and publishers in Vietnam, the event brings different perspectives, personality and useful information to those who work in the advertising industry.

The brand will have the presence of representatives of leading corporations in Vietnam such as Unilever Group. Agency agencies have the participation of representatives of Isobar Advertising Company, MVV Company, Mindshare. To bring a multi-dimensional perspective, the event has a presentation of Publisher Adtima representatives, the Zing Mp3 product team ...

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