Why summer acne prone skin?

Intense summer sunshine, high UV rays make the sweat gland active, causing oily skin, clogging pores leading to acne.

Dr. Tran Hanh Vy, from the Department of Dermatology and Aesthetics at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy, said that summer is a time when the temperature is high, the sunlight is strong, the UV index also increases so the sweat glands activity is also stronger. These factors lead to many skin problems such as sunburn, acne, tan, melasma, peeling skin, aging skin ... causing our skin to be damaged and affected by aesthetics.

Summer sun also speeds up the aging process of your skin, leading to sunburn. The main symptoms are redness, warmth to the touch, burning pain, small blisters or blisters. Depending on the level, this condition will appear within hours of exposure to the sun, but may take up to several days.

Summer is also the time when oil is spilled. Oily skin, clog pores or heat in the body, a sweet diet. The best way to take care of acne skin is to keep it clean.

In addition, each season has its own skin problems and requires different care. Cold, dry winters easily lead to atopic dermatitis, dry, flaky skin, and acne is also worse because dry skin makes the skin sensitive. The hot summer sun increases sebum secretion, facilitates the proliferation of acne, and special care is also needed.

For skin care, the first step is clean hygiene. You should shower and wash your face twice with shower gel, gentle cleanser every day. The products on the market are quite diverse, you should choose the right type for your skin. Moisturize your skin for a fresh and healthy skin, choose moisturizer must also suit each different skin type.

Exfoliates, removes dry skin from the surface of the skin. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help cleanse the skin of the skin, removing dirt in the pores and dead skin cells.

Apply sunscreen regularly and apply sun protection measures to shield skin when going out. Drink enough water, moderate activity, exercise and limit tobacco and stimulants. Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, high fiber foods, antioxidants. Get enough sleep to improve your skin.

Note, day and night skin care is different. During the day, exposure to heat, sunlight, sun protection, shielding and replenishment are important. You should prepare a mineral spray bottle to help skin revitalize immediately when in the environment with high temperatures and drought.

At night, after a tiring day, the skin needs to relax and rest. Should wash your face, use moisturizers, apply a mask twice a week, gently massage. For sunburned skin, you can apply cold in combination with special nutrients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C ... to help your skin soothe and quick recovery.

Doctors recommend, do not squeeze acne at home makes acne worse, easy to infect, the risk of scarring is higher. You should see a dermatologist for advice, care and best treatment, limiting inflammation, scarring afterwards.

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