Warning signs you are having pancreatic cancer

If you often experience upper abdominal pain with anorexia, sudden weight loss, jaundice, jaundice, etc., be careful because you may have pancreatic cancer.

Located between the stomach, liver and intestines, the pancreas is only 10-15 cm long, shaped like a pear, secreting hormones, producing insulin, digestive juices. The pancreas is identified as one of the extremely important parts of the body.

Pancreatic cancer is a silent disease because it attacks and develops very quietly. Most people do not detect the first signs and symptoms, until the body sees something abnormal, the disease is already at a later stage, difficult to treat. It is ranked in the top cancer cases with the highest mortality.

The disease develops due to cancer cells forming in the tissues of the pancreas. The chance of cure comes only when you find cancer at an early stage. According to Boldsky, there are a few early warning signs of pancreatic cancer that people need to keep in mind.

Upper abdominal pain

In the early stages, pain in the upper abdomen will appear. You will feel ravenous, sudden pain that may occur without warning and disappear when leaning forward. This is one of the most common early warning signs of pancreatic cancer.


People with this disease often lose appetite and lose appetite just a few months before the cancer is detected.

Weight loss

Unexplained weight loss is an early warning sign of pancreatic cancer. The presence of cancer cells in the pancreas can lead to sudden weight loss.

Jaundice or eyes

People with pancreatic cancer often jaundice because the cancer cells block the bile ducts, leading to the accumulation of bile in the liver. Jaundice or eyes are an early warning sign of this disease.

High blood sugar

A sudden rise in blood sugar is also an early sign that you have pancreatic cancer. In particular, if you do not have a family history of diabetes, you should pay attention to this sign.

Problems in the intestines

Cancer cells prevent the digestion of fatty foods, leading to bloating, constipation, pale stool ...


Pancreatic cancer wreaks havoc on the abdomen, hindering the digestion of food. People with this condition often experience nausea and vomiting after eating.

Lifestyle changes help prevent pancreatic cancer

No smoking, maintaining physical activity, reducing red meat ... are positive measures to protect you from pancreatic cancer.

A statement by a community-based organization in the UK showed that lifestyle changes could prevent about two-fifths of pancreatic cancer cases. According to the latest cancer research in the UK, about 8,800 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year, of which only 4% are likely to live within 5 years. However, the results later recorded that 37% of the patients got rid of the disease thanks to maintaining a healthy habit, especially not smoking.

Sara Hiom, Director of the Early Diagnosis charity, said: “Cancer is a collection of diseases. For some people, everyday life plays a very important role in controlling disease. Pancreatic cancer is a serious disease, but few people know it. The important issue is that we need to find out what we can do to minimize the harm of this disease. ”

Professor Jeff Evans, a physician and scientist at the British Cancer Research Institute, said: "The survival rate for this disease is very low, but the current situation may change. to prevent this disease is to find new therapies that are highly effective, and need to be diagnosed earlier. "

According to the professor, everyone can help reduce their risk of developing pancreatic cancer and other cancers with a healthy lifestyle, not smoking and staying healthy. Besides, you need to maintain your physical activity and reduce your intake of red meats.

Dr Harpal, a UK cancer researcher, said: "Pancreatic cancer patients are rarely cured. This is why British Cancer Research has prioritized learning about the disease in recent strategies. We plan to double the funding for pancreatic cancer research in the near future, taking action to make the disease prevention manual as soon as possible. ”

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