What to do to prevent recurrence of cancer

After surgery and radiation therapy for cancer, besides medication, patients need to adhere to psychotherapy, food, exercise to prevent and prevent the relapse and metastasis.

Anyone can have cancer, the likelihood of getting sick increases with age. When the body has gradually degenerated, reduced resistance is a condition for disease to arise. A very small tumor formed in a certain organ, having favorable conditions will gradually become uncomfortable forcing patients to see a doctor and when the cancer is known, it is often at an early stage.

Dr. Quan Van Hung, former Head of Cancer Department, Ho Chi Minh City National Institute of Traditional Medicine said that when it comes to cancer treatment, people often think of drugs. However, the drug is only one of four treatments.

According to Dr. Hung, treatment by destroying the tumor with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation usually gives immediate results. The risk of recurrence and metastases is difficult to avoid because it only addresses the presentation of cancer (tumor) but has not completely stopped the occurrence of diseases in general and cancer in particular. Then, in addition to adherence to treatment, patients need to apply 4T therapy to prevent the risk of recurrence and metastasis. Where T1 is Spiritual - Psychological - Spiritual, T2 is Food, T3 is Exercise, T4 is Medication.

A diet rich in vegetables helps prevent, support and treat diseases. Artwork: Le Phuong.

With these 4 procedures, T4 is the responsibility of the doctors (treatment). The remaining 3T was performed by the patient himself, the doctor only reminded and instructed. "The patient has to save himself, the doctor only helps when he sees the tumor. In other words, for the cancer patient, the best doctor is himself, because only he can solve the problem basically. and lasting all diseases, "Dr. Hung analyzed.

The T1 factor has been shown to play an important role in overcoming disease. Many scientific evidence shows that psychological, peaceful spirit, stable spirituality are good conditions to increase the resistance of the immune system to fight the disease. We can call this the true form of traditional medicine. A strong immune system will successfully fight off the causes of disease, traditional medicine called evil. Once the disease appears, it is necessary to promptly treat (T4) and then strengthen the immune system to prevent recurrence and metastasis.

Life is full of worry, sadness, anger and fear, but the main cause of stress contributes to the weakening of the immune system. According to the doctors, there is no cure for the sadness that patients adjust to a new way of life to solve the root, help the spirit of peace.

T2 is food therapy. Patients should eat enough nutrition but balanced alkaline acidity, delicious food that must be healed. Whether or not to eat and how the patient is proactive, self-determined, because no one is eating for himself to be healthy. Need to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, low in meat, low in fat, low in sugar, limit industrial foods containing a lot of chemical additives. Sesame brown rice is a simple yet effective menu.

T3 is a nursing practice. Man is an animal. Therefore human expression is campaigning to improve health. The industrialized lifestyle restricts the human's natural movements such as walking, running, jumping ... The lack of exercise stagnates blood flow, contributing to disease.

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