How to choose a bathtub in a small interior space

My bathroom has a small area but I want to install a bathtub to have a spa-like "full body massage" experience. Please advise me! (Manh Cuong, Hanoi)


For those who are limited in space but still want to place a bathtub, an oval bathtub is a great choice. And the clever and reasonable arrangement in the room will bring an attractive relaxing space for the family. Currently, many bathtubs on the market use neat, gentle and safe acrylic plastic materials for users instead of porcelain, especially, optimal for small bathrooms.

Oval tubs are the perfect choice for small bathrooms. Photo: INAX

Today's bathtub is also integrated with a hydromassage system and air bubble massage, with the effect of water pushing to help blood circulation, impact on muscle groups, relieve joint pain. Bathing is also an effective method of exfoliation.

There are many massage bathtub products on the market that are suitable for small spaces like yours. To choose the right product, you need to learn carefully about the brand and origin to ensure quality and safety when using. Some important considerations when choosing are cost, technique, aesthetics and materials that are easy to clean and prevent bacteria.

When installing the bathtub, you should choose a location that ensures good drainage and good waterproofing treatment. Placing the tub near the water supply system helps to avoid heat loss as well as minimize energy consumption. In addition, you also need to pay attention to bath accessories to ensure safety, convenience and create a comfortable relaxing space for the family.

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