The secret to keeping sperm healthy

To get pregnant, just one sperm is enough, but men need to improve their sperm health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Sperm health can include the quantity, quality and morphology of sperm, which is also essential for promoting male fertility. Healthier sperm and more sperm count increase the chances of conception.

Normal semen contains 40 million to 300 million sperm/ml. Sperm count is considered low when it contains only 10 to 20 million sperm/ml. However, if you contain only 20 million sperm/ml, you are still eligible to get pregnant if the sperm is completely healthy.

Here are 6 tips to help men improve their sperm health:

Weight loss

Losing weight in overweight men is one of the ways that can help increase sperm count. Numerous studies have shown that losing weight can significantly increase sperm count, concentration, motility, and overall health. Accordingly, changes in sperm count were most pronounced in men with a higher body mass index. So in obese people, even a little weight loss can be effective.

Changing your diet and increasing your exercise accordingly is a way that can help you lose weight better.

Sports practice

In addition to weight loss, maintaining a healthy exercise and lifestyle regimen can help increase sperm count in men. Research has shown that weight training and outdoor exercise can help keep sperm healthy than other forms of exercise.

Exercise not only helps to lose weight, but also helps increase sperm count in men. Photo: Freepik

In addition, exercise is also a way that obese men can lose weight, which is also beneficial for sperm health.

Avoid substance abuse

Low sperm count and unhealthy sperm have been linked to men with a history of heavy drinking (two or more glasses of wine or alcoholic beverages per day), tobacco use, and drug use. ..

If you have any of the above bad habits, give it up to improve sperm health.

Limit exposure to toxic elements

Jobs that require exposure to extreme heat or radiation or sedentary work can also affect sperm count. If unfortunately exposed to toxic chemicals such as toxic metals, pesticides, bleach or other potentially endocrine disrupting substances, change your clothes immediately or shower as soon as possible because of the toxic substances. This can affect sperm count.

Avoid high temperatures in the scrotum

Keep the scrotum (testicles) area cool, not exposed to excessive heat as this can affect sperm count. Cool temperatures also help create the right nurturing environment for healthy sperm. Wearing pants that are not too tight, cotton material will help control the flow of air and the temperature to the scrotum is not too hot.

Limit stress

In addition to maintaining physical health, mental health also plays an important role. Sperm count in men can decrease if working continuously for 12 hours a day without rest. Stress can reduce sexual function and reduce sperm production, affecting fertility . The best way is to maintain a comfortable mentality during the day and get enough sleep at night. Stress hormones can block the cells responsible for regulating testosterone, and excessive stress also causes the body to stop producing sperm.

Men with an occupation or health condition suspected of being associated with a low sperm count, seek medical advice early before starting to plan for a baby. Several tests can help make sure sperm is healthy enough to conceive .

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