KPMG introduces the Cryptocurrency Management Platform

KPMG has launched a cryptocurrency management platform designed to accelerate the organization's adoption of cryptocurrencies. KPMG's patent-pending tool aims to connect traditional data systems and cryptocurrencies, integrating the main use cases of cryptocurrencies, including depository, wallets and delivery monitoring. anti-money laundering (AML) service.

KPMG LLP announced on Monday that it has launched a new platform [that] addresses global regulatory concerns for robust processes and system controls on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Called KPMG Chain Fusion, the new cryptocurrency platform aims to help manage cryptocurrencies and traditional assets on public and private blockchain networks, with detailed information about the announcement. KPMG LLP is a member company of KPMG International, one of the Big Four accounting firms, with more than 219,000 professionals working in 147 countries and territories.

The company has described this product as a patented advanced analytics suite built on leading technology products and cryptocurrency data to streamline capabilities for translation companies. financial services and fintech provide cryptocurrency services on an institutional scale, adding:

KPMG Chain Fusion is designed to reliably speed up the adoption of core cryptocurrency capabilities through a consistent data architecture.

The new cryptocurrency platform, which enables advanced analysis, is used for the main use cases of cryptocurrencies, including depository, wallets, proof-of-deposit (asset location reconciliation) and delivery monitoring. AML translation, stated company.

KPMG introduces the Cryptocurrency Management Platform
The new KPMG cryptocurrency management tool, Chain Fusion, aims to accelerate the adoption of core cryptocurrency capabilities.

While many financial service organizations and fintech companies have provided cryptocurrency services, KPMG emphasized that a large number of traditional businesses currently provide cryptocurrency services on both public blockchains. declaration, not allowed and allowed. Firm's website firmly built:

The operation of a successful cryptocurrency business on an institutional scale is based on the ability to effectively and efficiently integrate blockchain data alongside the traditional data infrastructure.

Sam Wyner, director of the KPMG Cryptocurrency Services group, notes that while leading cryptocurrency technology solutions can handle handling and control requirements in their systems, the challenge The bigger thing is to make sure the systems can work together. That's where the company's new cryptocurrency management platform is located. According to Wyner, the KPMG Chain Fusion chain addresses these challenges by putting these systems together with the necessary processes and controls under one roof.

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