HPE Superdome Flex - data analysis solution for businesses

This "supercomputer" system uses memory-based computing, ensuring instant and continuous data processing speed.

Processing and analyzing all data immediately is one of the goals of many businesses. If this is possible, at the point of sale, the retailer will offer the right offer to the right person, based on the customer's needs and purchase history. In manufacturing, the smooth combination between supply and demand in real time will come true. Or for financial experts, the risk assessment of portfolios is updated every minute of every second according to market fluctuations.

In order to quickly adapt to all changes and become market leader, businesses need the support of a solution that allows them to take advantage of the existing database. Decision-making based on instant understanding based on analytical information from the enterprise's huge data source is still a prospect. Tong when, for some other companies, it was a journey they had begun to take. The way businesses use to start this process is to move data environments to in-memory computing technology to speed up data analysis and use more data.

However, as the volume, speed, and types of data are growing exponentially, the database alone cannot meet demand or seize opportunities and data adversity (data dilemma). create. What is needed is a radical shift in computing, a memory-centric infrastructure model optimized for today's data needs.

To truly harness the full value of in-memory computing technology - while controlling today's massive data sets and future data growth - a base infrastructure platforms built from conventional systems will not meet demand. The technology infrastructure that supports the needs of in-memory database administration needs to be powerful enough to handle growing data at a fast (and unpredictable) level and be flexible enough. to grow together with the needs of the business. At the same time, this infrastructure must be able to provide the performance and scale necessary to converge transactions and data analysis functions to obtain real-time information based on the most up-to-date data. .

That also comes with the challenge: enterprise critical applications require a reliable platform with the ability to maintain the highest levels of uptime. However, most of these applications are still operating on old systems that need to be modernized to take advantage of current applications and data, while helping businesses lower operating costs. . Therefore, this is a double challenge for businesses, both handling unprecedented data flows and maintaining business continuity while modernizing critical infrastructure.

HPE spearheaded the transition with a memory-based computing solution, delivering a groundbreaking architecture to solve the difficult data problem. This architecture is highly scalable, flexible, efficient and reliable - HPE Superdome Flex - the latest generation super server. Superdome Flex is considered an innovation that helps businesses outperform their competitors when it comes to instant data analysis and processing speed.

The unique modularity of Superdome Flex enables businesses to start small, with 4-sockets and then grow at their own pace without sacrificing performance. Expanding seamlessly to 32 sockets, according to the 4-socket building blocks, this solution provides businesses with the computational power they need, whether the amount of data the business has or how much it is growing. Where the growth is fast. With a 4-socket module, customers can expand one or more systems and choose the configuration to suit specific work requirements.

Superdome Flex can own configurations from 768GB of memory and grow to 48TB and even bigger when released. Enterprises can be completely assured knowing that storage and data processing always have a lot of development space.

This system also delivers high performance at any scale. This supercomputer is designed with the availability of critical applications as well as providing uncompromisingly powerful capabilities - capabilities that conventional x86 servers do not have, to ensure data processing speed. immediate and continuous data. These features include Engine - leading segment analysis and error handling and start the repair process without operator assistance. The super server also has a unique "Firmware First" approach to help businesses isolate bugs at the firmware level before any OS layer disruptions occur.

HPE Superdome Flex integrates proven critical applications from HPE Integrity Superdome X servers - servers that possess world-class scalable technology. Superdome Flex and Integrity Superdome X has created an unprecedented combination of scale, modularity, flexibility to reliability, helping businesses turn important data into business information. Easy to manage with peace of mind.

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