How to password create a PowerPoint file

On Office tools, there is an option to create a password to protect the content from being copied by others. With PowerPoint, we can completely set up a password to secure the content in the slide. Setting a password for a PowerPoint slide can choose to completely lock the file, enter the correct password to open the slide, or only allow opening and reading files, but not editing the content. To create a password for a PowerPoint slide, we will immediately use the feature available without the need for software or tools. The following article will guide you how to create a PowerPoint slide password.

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1. How to set a password to open a PowerPoint file

Step 1:

At the PowerPoint file you want to create a password click on File and then choose Protect Presentation in the next interface. Display the options menu, click Encrypt with Password .

Create a password

Step 2:

Display the password input interface. We type in a password to lock the PowerPoint slide from being opened by others. Enter the password again to confirm the password created.

Enter the password

Step 3:

When you set the password successfully in the interface of PowerPoint, a message will appear asking you to enter a password to open the file.

Lock the file successfully

When other people open the PowerPoint file or open the file yourself, they will get an interface asking you to enter the correct password to open the file.

Password required

Step 4:

To remove the password set for the PowerPoint slide , we click File, choose Next to Protect Presentation and then click Encrypt with Password to delete the password .

Delete the created password

2. Create a PowerPoint password to prevent editing

Step 1:

We also click the File item and select the Save As option .

Save the new file

Step 2:

Next, you proceed to save this PowerPoint file as a new file. In the Tools section, click on General Options .

General settings

Step 4:

Display interface to enter password for PowerPoint slides. The Password to open section is used to enter the password to open the file. To enter a password that allows content to be read but not edited, we use the Password to Modify option . Enter the password, click OK to save.

Password is not for editing

When someone else opens the file, they also receive an interface asking for the correct password. Then just click on the Read Only button to read the content without entering the password.

Read only content

To remove the password , you must enter the correct password and click OK to open the file.

Enter the password to open the slide

Click Save As , choose where to save the new file, and then click Tools , select General Options to display the Ready-Only password input interface. Delete the password set at Password to Modify and click OK.

Exit the new file saving interface and click Save to save the new slide settings.

Delete the set password

Thus, users have 2 different ways to create a password for a PowerPoint slide, a password to open the file and only allow to read and not edit the content. To unlock, just follow the steps to create a password and delete the password you set.

I wish you all success!

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