An early used token is available on the Exchange

An early used token is available on the Exchange

Four new Amun tokens will be listed on Exchange this Thursday. Amun is a leading cryptocurrency technology company, building tokens to make cryptocurrencies more accessible, safer and more efficient. You have the opportunity to trade these tokens for free on the Exchange from Thursday 25 June, 10 am until Sunday, June 28, 2020 23:59 UTC.

Amun is the world's largest issuer of cryptocurrency exchange products. Its ETP suite has simplified access to cryptocurrency for both institutional and retail investors in the traditional financial community. is integrating four tokens: BTC3L, BTC3S, ETH3L, ETH3S. These are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens created by Amun to help token holders easily access the long and short daily earnings of cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin and Ether.

BTC3L - 3x long Bitcoin Amun token
BTC3S - Amun's 3 times short Bitcoin token
ETH3L - 3x long Ether Amun token
ETH3S - Amun short token 3

What is leverage token?
A leveraged token is a derivative financial instrument that allows you to expose leveraged trading positions in digital assets without having to deal with margin, liquidation, or collateral trading. mortgage, interest rate financing. Due to its simplicity, they have had a lot of attention since their appearance.

A leveraged token maintains a notable level of visibility to -2x or -3x daily returns of a cryptocurrency asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is done through the use of the Amun Lam Jasper platform that facilitates margin positions in crypto assets that are mentioned for both long and short positions through the use of swaps. permanently, and rebalance daily to maintain daily exposure.

An early used token is available on the Exchange

How do leverage tokens work?

The BTC3XLONG tokens maintain a noticeable level of visibility with 3 times daily returns of Bitcoin and ETH3XSHORT tokens maintain a noticeable exposure to -3x of Ether's daily returns. This means that if Bitcoin gains 3% in one day, BTC3XLONG will aim to increase 9% in the same day. The use of these tokens significantly improves user experience in maintaining leverage for cryptocurrency assets.

To show how the tokens are used, here's a very simple example: what will happen to the price of the short daily BTC3L and Bitcoin 3x token (BTC3S) if the price of Bitcoin in 3 days are as follows: Day 0 - $ 100, Day 1 - $ 103, Day 2 - $ 106.09, in other words, two days Bitcoin increased 3%. It is assumed that Bitcoin, BTC3L and BTC3S all start day 0 at a price of $ 100.

An early used token is available on the Exchange

As the table shows, both BTC3XLONG and BTC3XSHORT track 3x and -3x Bitcoin Bitcoin back in a day. Please note that these tokens do not track the return of 3 or 3 times Bitcoin Bitcoin for days.

Benefits of leveraged tokens
The tokens used can provide peace of mind if a trader doesn't want to worry about liquidating positions. They are also much better during periods of strong trends, due to the daily rebalancing and consolidation effects, otherwise need to be done manually to achieve similar results. There are many aspects why traders should use leveraged tokens, but the four main aspects are highlighted below.

No hassle: Traders don't have to worry about managing loan rates, borrowing costs and / or monitoring positions against the risk of margin calls.
Daily rebalancing: Each token balances daily to ensure the constant leverage ratio of underlying assets is maintained. It prevents token holders from being liquidated as is the case when leverage is used for future and permanent swaps.
Transactivity: The tokens are listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Exchange, making it easier to enter and exit positions in the secondary market.
Reduce liquidation risk: When losing money, tokens are used to reduce exposure, thereby significantly reducing liquidation. It will require a 33% price change in 24 hours for liquidation to occur.

Why choose Amun token?
Amun margin uses tokens different from the same token types in the cryptocurrency space. The table below shows a comparison between Amun tokens and other leveraged token issuers: Binance and FTX.

An early used token is available on the Exchange

This table shows some differences between the Amun token and the token issued by Binance. In

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