10 careers that will disappear in the future

Drivers, salespeople, lawyers, sports referees, etc. are jobs that can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Travel agent

Online accommodation booking systems such as Airbnb, Booking, Agoda... can literally meet all the needs of tourists.

As before, individual travel agents can save customers money, but the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of these agents will drop by more than 12% over the next 10 years, when all information is available. Information is available on the Internet and free of charge.


Artificial intelligence (AI) will gradually replace experts in the legal field. Even with the current technological situation, based on current legal content and customer input queries, AI systems have been able to provide relatively accurate and useful responses.

Sports Referee

Instant-on, goal-line, computer vision technologies (such as recognition, object detection, image classification, etc.) have proven to be much more reliable than humans in monitoring. matches.

In addition, smart technology can help referees avoid being attacked by angry fans or players on the pitch, regardless of whether the decision they make is right or wrong.

tour guide

Today's artificial guides with voiceover and online navigation functions have been replacing humans. Visitors can easily use headphones, choose their favorite language and move and explore on their own when visiting tourist attractions.

Some virtual reality devices even allow visitors to visit every destination in the world without leaving home.


With the help of voice and text applications, people can easily translate text.

Instead of looking up and translating text on demand, the job of humans is to improve algorithms to create more and more meaningful and faster translations.

Many jobs will gradually be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next 15 years. Artwork: The Healthovation

Taxi driver

The main reason many taxi drivers are at risk of being replaced is the strong growth of self-driving cars. In addition, rapid advances in the field of vehicle cameras and visual AI also help self-driving cars get closer to safety standards in terms of speed, traffic laws, are accepted by the public and gradually conform to the standards of safety. suitable for commercialization.


A cashier is someone who takes on the job of managing payments and receipts in a particular business. But this profession is slowly becoming obsolete due to the popularity of automatic payments.

Accordingly, automatic payment machines, scanning QR codes help customers transact online without the assistance of staff. Nowadays many supermarkets and department stores have started adding self-checkout to their transaction system.

Another advantage of automatic payments is to avoid fraud and embezzlement of public funds.

Jobs that require creative thinking

Over the past 100 years, technology has completely changed the way we work. From the invention of the Internet, smartphones, computers... technology has created a new world of work.

A recent study at the University of Oxford estimates that nearly half of all jobs in the US are at risk of becoming computerized in the next 20 years. A number of other studies also found that creative jobs, including musicians, musicians and artists, are also at risk of being automated in the next 10 years.


Letters have been the primary means of long-distance communication for many years. But with the strong development of the Internet, many post offices report a continuous decrease in the amount of mail sent.

Many experts predict that by 2050, the need for mail carriers will be gone.


This is the least skilled job in the world. According to a report from the US Customer Satisfaction Index, telemarketers have a customer satisfaction rate of only 63%.

Due to the ubiquity and support of life when information is easily found on the Internet, telemarketing jobs could drop by as much as 40% over the next 15 years.

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